Rent surf equipment in Hendaye

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Surf equipment for hire in the Basque Country

We have a rental fleet of over 100 surfboards!

Among them, you will find foam boards for the novices but also epoxy boards for the more experienced. In order to cater for all sizes, our boards range from 5’6 for the youngest to 9′ for the oldest.

You can also rent bodyboards, as well as shorty wetsuits, or full wetsuits in 3/2 or 4/3 for the more chilled out.

The staff of our Hendaye surf school will be on hand to advise you, if necessary, on the choice of equipment so that you can make the most of the Hendaye waves.

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Our rental boards in Hendaye

Foam boards: Ocean Storm, Softech, Eight Surfboards and Zeus.

Foam boards are ideal for learning and progressing in surfing in complete safety. The vast majority of the foam boards we carry come with a handle for easy transport.
All our surfing courses in the Basque Country are provided with foam boards.

You will be able to surf on 3 types of foam boards: standard, fat and hybrid.

  • The “fat” models are wider than the “standard” ones, which brings more stability to the board.
  • Hybrid boards have the particularity of having slightly stiffer fins in order to improve the recovery and control of the board during turns. They are very close to the characteristics of epoxy boards while guaranteeing the safety of the surfer.
  • Epoxy boards: Torq and Hurricane.

When renting, you can also choose epoxy boards if you are an experienced surfer who can ensure your own safety and that of other beach users.
The structure of the board, as well as its rigid fins, allows you to have more powerful equipment in terms of speed and control.

You can choose different models and sizes of boards depending on your body size and wave style for your private or group surf lessons in Hendaye.

Our private & group surf lessons in Hendaye