Surfing in Hendaye

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The best surf spots in Hendaye

The surf spot in Hendaye is a dream beach for learning to surf. Its fine sand lagoon stretches for a few kilometres, in a protected bay sheltered from the wind. It is exposed to the northwest swell. This gives affordable waves in all circumstances, even when the surrounding spots are saturated. The sandy bottom and the absence of rocks give all surfers plenty of room to surf. It makes a good fallback spot.

The Hendaye spot is gently sloping. It is easier for surfers to keep their footing, manoeuvre and move around on the waves. It is an excellent spot to learn and progress. It also appeals to surfers with good levels with its affordable waves.

The water temperature in Hendaye varies from 11°C to 25°C. It is therefore very pleasant and does not require the wearing of a wetsuit that is too restrictive for movement. In summer, it is even more pleasant.

Thanks to a medium to long swell, the waves of the Hendaye spot run very well. As it is protected from the wind, it often offers good waves during storms. The south or south-west wind does not affect the quality of the waves.

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Water activities in Hendaye

The Hendaye spot is also a paradise for other activities such as sailing, surfing, kayaking and diving. It also has the advantage of being safe and supervised during the holiday period. There are indeed lifeguard posts, a large car park and a good number of Hendaye surf schools along the beaches.

The Lehena Surf School is certainly the best surf school in Hendaye. It offers introductory courses in basic surfing techniques and accompanied practices by professional and experienced instructors; but also equipment for hire. Courses and workshops are also offered to help everyone understand the marine environment.

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