Yoga in the Basque Country

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Our yoga classes in Hendaye

Deborah offers yoga classes on the beach in Hendaye, every morning in good weather. Take time for yourself, do yourself good and offer yourself a moment of complete disconnection facing the ocean. Men or women, athletes or not, beginners or enthusiasts, yoga has no conditions!

A teacher since 2018, Deborah passes on a holistic practice. Each class is unique to the group and includes exercise instruction of:

  • breathing (pranayama – refocuses on self, revitalises),
  • postures (asana – strengthens and softens),
  • relaxation (relaxes the body and mind)
  • and meditation (calms the nervous system, soothes mental agitation).

To discover yoga or deepen its practice, the Surf School Hendaye offers courses at the best price.

“Yoga is for me an art of living, a philosophy of life. A practice that has taught me to listen to my body and my emotions, to accept myself and to always be in tune with myself. It’s not about always being zen, composed and smiling, but about taking care of yourself and feeling in synergy with your environment.”

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Yoga on the Basque coast

Yoga is gaining more and more followers around the world. This physical, mental and spiritual practice provides many benefits and helps improve the psychological state like no other sport, according to some die-hard fans.

It reduces stress and helps you live more serenely as it is a soothing activity par excellence. It improves breathing and breath, in fact breath control is even the fundamental basis of yoga.

The different breathing techniques of yoga have multiple benefits: calming, energizing, balancing… In addition, yoga improves concentration, helps fight fatigue and strengthens flexibility.

It turns out that yoga and surfing have some commonalities in terms of benefits for the mind. So it’s worth combining them for even more satisfying results. That’s why every summer, from July to September, you can practice yoga on the beach in Hendaye.